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About Cannyx Markets

At the heart of the Cannyx Markets is the collective strength of knowledge and expertise of its founders. Their Banking, brokerage, commodity trading, MTF and business and enterprise technology experience together with years of running private and public companies with astute and uncompromising business acumen. Every one of them has ahad work experience in some of the top tier institutuins in the world.

Global Cannabinoids Market Place

Cannyx Markets is an online real-time trading venue and Market data service platform which provides real time pricing, global market data and analytics in Organic and non-GMO certified Hemp and Medicinal based Cannabinoids. Cannyx Markets participants can trade securely, underpinned by cutting edge Track & Trace and blockchain technology.

Their primary aim and objectives in this venture is to deliver a gold standard Market venue adhering to the highest professional and trading standards together with incompromising oversight into market surveillance, intelligence, compliance and risk management and at the same time meet all ethical standards.

The principal aim is to protect their shareholders, management and clients and have created a business and work environment to deliver success in this venture.

Key Policies

Dividend Policy

The company does not expect to pay dividends for the next 3 years.

Shareholder Policy

Irrespective of the shareholding size, the comany will respect the monitory interests of shareholders...

Reinvestment Policy

The company will reinvest its profits in further technology innovation and growing its market share.

Reporting Policy

The company will provide half yearly reporting to all shareholders.

Public Offering Policy

The company will seek a public listing when market conditions are suitable, target Q4 of 2020.

Corporate Governance

The company adheres to a strict corporate governance policy.

Core Values

  • Corporate and social governance
  • Commitment to market participants of the market place
  • Clinical and pharmaceutical expertise
  • Reliability and care
  • Professional autonomy
  • Meet high social and professional standards
  • Clear stance regarding the responsibility of the invidiual professional for meeting social needs
  • Requirement to work within the healthcare paradigm

Our Team

Strategic Service

Venaco Group

Technology innovation firm


Global logistic and quality assurance partner with a footprint globally


Global credit insurance provider


Insurance advisors


Innovation and research in healthcare and procument management