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18. February 2020
Food & Beverage News United Kingdom

Calm Drinks Launches CBD-infused Cold Brew Coffee

Calm Drinks has released a new range of CBD-infused cold brew coffee, to respond to the growing demand of both CBD and cold brew in the UK.

The drinks, which are infused with 10mg of CBD per can, add to the company’s current line of CBD-infused coffee and chocolate drinks.

Featuring two new flavours, Americano and Caffe Latte, the range uses dairy-free alternatives ensuring that its suitable for vegans. Americano uses 100% Arabica Brazilian coffee beans and contains hints of vanilla and toffee, meanwhile, Caffe Latte contains gluten-free oat milk.

According to UK-based Calm Drinks, “Cold Brew Coffee has seen a large growth in popularity over the past 18 months. Originally started in the United States, it has become more mainstream in the UK.

“Where Calm differ in their approach is by adding CBD to their drinks. As with cold brew, the use of CBD has had a meteoric rise in use and popularity in the UK, with reports saying it now outsells vitamin C and vitamin D combined.”

Calm Drinks’ new range of cold brew coffee infused with CBD will be sold online and in select retailers across the UK.


Source: Calm Drinks