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26. March 2021
CBD News North America

CBD Toxicity Study Results Significant for the Whole Industry

After seven months of clinical investigation Validcare has released its initial findings from the industry sponsored, decentralized human safety study of hemp derived CBD products. The preliminary findings are validating and encouraging, and according to the study’s investigators, there was no evidence of liver toxicity in the 839 participants in the clinical trials. Principal investigators met with the FDA on March 15, 2021 and reviewed preliminary liver safety study results in the form of an abstract. In total, twelve product-based CBD companies led the industry in this initial study cohort, providing funding, product, certificates of authenticity and assisted with recruitment of adult US based consumers. Over 830 consumers completed the study between August 2020 and February 2021. Use of Validcare’s decentralized clinical CBD research platform and partnership with national laboratories enabled participants and principal investigators to successfully complete this first cohort, despite the pandemic, and compile and deliver results to brands and FDA within six weeks. Read the full article at