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8. September 2020
CBD Food & Beverage News

Cloud 8 Launches New Range of CBD Seltzers

In the latest innovation for CBD consumption, Cloud 8, a CBD consumer products company has announced a collection of all-natural CBD seltzers, providing a safe and effective experience for consumers to easily incorporate cannabinoids into their daily routines. 

Cloud 8 Launches New Range of CBD Seltzers

With popular flavors like lemon-lime, grapefruit and tart cherry, each Cloud 8 seltzer contains 20 milligrams of U.S. grown CBD and is only 30 calories. Utilizing water-soluble technology, Cloud 8 states that its seltzers provide a consistent, relaxing experience at a reasonable price.

We built off the nano-technology and drug delivery processes I used as a biomedical engineer and refined them to develop best-in-class hemp-based formulations.” said Grant Lorimer, co-founder and CEO. “All of our CBD products are lab-tested for both potency and consistency, promising a reliable experience.”

As CBD brands compete for market share, and consumer attention, in what has become a very crowded marketplace, companies are under increased pressure to differentiate their products. With new form factors being introduced across many different segments products like Cloud 8’s seltzers are designed to more easily be incorporated into daily life.

The CBD market is filled with inconsistent and expensive products,” said Matt Henrich, co-founder and CMO, “We work closely with all of our partners to provide hemp-based products that consumers can trust.  From the hemp farm to our laboratories, our mission is to help our customers experience their Cloud 8.”

Founded in Detroit, Mich., by Grant Lorimer and Matthew Heinrich, the company began their product development focused on incorporating the science behind cannabinoid efficacy by increasing absorption rates and bioavailability through water-soluble hemp processing technologies. Ensuring seed-to-sale transparency, the team developed cannabinoid infused products that consumers can easily integrate into their daily routines.  Whether it is a few beverage enhancer drops added to a morning coffee or an afternoon break with gummies or all-natural seltzers, Cloud 8’s products help consumers combat daily stressors, providing a refreshing experience.

Source | Cloud 8