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25. June 2020
News Regulation

European Industrial Hemp Association Approve Joint Study for CBD Novel Food Authorization

Members of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), the largest industry body in Europe, have given the go ahead for new studies on CBD and THC that will support a joint novel food authorization application.

The move comes after last week’s announcement that seven US CBD companies would be sponsoring research to evaluate the impact of daily CBD use on the liver function of healthy adults, highlights this growing need for industry participants to improve the level of research and data available to regulators making decisions around CBD safety.

With more countries around the world requiring novel food applications for products containing CBD ingredients, regulators are looking to the CBD industry to help improve the current data and scientific understanding of the effects of CBD. Research that can provide tangible data to allay safety fears is increasingly becoming a critical requirement for the whole industry.

EIHA members agreed last year to submit a joint novel foods application that would cover a range of CBD extracts, to UK and EU regulators.  The majority of members have now voted in favour of going ahead with studies that will help support a joint application.

According to the EIHA, an estimated $3.9million will be invested in the studies to determine toxicology levels of CBD and THC in different extracts.

We only stand a chance if we jointly bear the exorbitant costs for the necessary toxicological studies and the long procedure ahead of us,” EIHA President Daniel Kruse has said in a statement. “This would not be affordable for a single hemp company.

The results and analysis of the studies will be used for the collective benefit of the EIHA members, in a manner that to moves being made by American producers.

With deadlines for novel food applications due early next year, studies like this will be vital in supporting the industry achieve the necessary timeline for submissions.