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23. July 2020
Hemp News Production

GemmaCert’s Technology Pinpoints Hemp Composition throughout the Supply Chain

GemmaCert has announced new features to its analytical product that will allow producers to determine the composition and potency of hemp and cannabis throughout the entire supply chain. From the initial plant harvest to the extraction that occurs before raw material is turned into a useable product.

GemmaCert’s product uses a non-destructive technology that employs advanced spectrometry, image analysis and machine learning. The device offers a reliable and accurate breakdown of the amount of THC and CBD content during the hemp/cannabis production process. Starting with the plant’s dry flower buds, through their conversion into biomass and finally after the compounds have been extracted in crude (raw) form from the biomass.

Dr. Guy Setton, GemmaCert CEO said, “The recent explosion of cannabis products on the market has left manufacturers and sellers vulnerable to lawsuits from consumers claiming that the actual cannabis content in these products is very different from what is being advertised. We are dramatically reducing the risk to manufactures of mislabelling products by taking the guesswork out of determining cannabis potency and composition. With our in-house product, manufacturers know exactly what they are breeding, growing and selling without having to invest in costly and time consuming laboratory tests.”

GemmaCert has also released a new product, The GemmaCert Lite. The product is based on the company’s same state-of-the-art technology platform for non-destructive hemp and cannabis potency analysis and offers many of the same features. The GemmaCert Lite, however, is intended for small cannabis businesses, craft services and growers, and sells at a lower price point of US$2,500.

GemmaCert’s technology is based on research first conducted at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Prof. Oded Shoseyov, and the company was established by Yissum, the University’s tech transfer company. Hebrew University, led by the research of Prof. Raphael Mechoulam has been uncovering the benefits of cannabis and leading the modern era of serious scientific cannabis research for over 5 decades.

Source | GemmaCert