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21. January 2021
CBD News North America Production

Nano Hydrate Launches Product Development Services using Innovative Water-Soluble Platform

Florida-based manufacturer Nano Hydrate has announced plans for a partnership program that will allow brands to access the company’s innovative range of water-soluble CBD formulations.

Nano Hydrate is a cutting edge wholesale manufacturer and provider of white label, private label, custom and ready-made formulations of premium hemp-derived products in health & wellness, skin care, personal care, beverages and pet care industries.

The company is now offering a partnership program that will allow it to introduce niche CBD products into the marketplace for existing brands, while expanding into the cannabis industry to offer Cannabis-infused beverage solutions.

Nano Hydrate holds multiple certifications, including compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) registered facility, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which recognizes the highest level in the quality manufacturing of foods, beverages, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. Manufacturers seeking the FDA’s GMP certification must meet strict guidelines in order to demonstrate manufacturing cleanliness, process controls, product consistency, employee and consumer safety, and product traceability.

Taking advantage of its water-soluble platform, Nano Hydrate has greatly enhanced the bioavailability of their entire line of industry leading bulk and wholesale water soluble powders, liquids, vaginal suppositories, and creams.

Jeff Allen, President and Co-founder of Nano Hydrate stated, “Nano has been conducting its own extended shelf-life testing and very impressed by their superior shelf stability.” Allen added, “These new and advanced water-soluble technology formulations transform our hemp CBD oil into nano sized emulsions making it more absorbable when delivered orally, and much more permeable when administered topically.

It is increasingly important for CBD brands to be able to guarantee safety and regulatory compliance. As customers become increasingly educated around the products they use, these issues have become key selling points.

Similarly, bioavailability is an important factor for product differentiation. To be able to access CBD formulations that improve the quality and efficacy of the end-product is attractive to many brands. We are already beginning to see established CBD manufacturers  work with smaller partners to introduce niche products that are outside of their existing manufacturing expertise.