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8. July 2020
Canada News Production

Partnership Brings Hemp Trading’s High-CBG Zero-THC Variety to Canada

Spanish company Hemp Trading has entered into an agreement with Canada’s Cannabis Orchards to introduce its Panakeia, high-CBG, zero-THC genetic variety to the Canadian market.

The move follows Hemp Trading’s successful distribution of the variety in the United States and the partnership will make Ottawa-based Cannabis Orchards the first company to bring to the Canadian hemp market a genetic that is THC-free, has a high CBG content, and that also is feminized.

According to Hemp Trading the Panakeia variety has a CBG content of 18% and zero THC, this makes it an attractive proposition for growers given the interest in novel applications for CBG.

While the CBG market is still in its relative infancy, many growers are keen to experiment with the cannabinoid and end users from consumer product manufacturers to biotech pharmaceutical companies are researching potential uses. Earlier this year research demonstrated the anti-bacterial properties of CBG and as such there is significant interest in using the compound with hand sanitizers and similar products. Another purported benefit of CBG is that it can relieve ailments associated with immune disorders.

Through the partnership with Hemp Trading, we will be introducing the first THC-free and CBG variety onto the list of approved cultivars of Health Canada, expected in fall 2020,” said Cannabis Orchard’s CEO Jamie Ghossein in a statement.

Hemp Trading developed the variety in association with the Spanish Universidad Politcnica de Valencia, and markets Panakeia as a variety that will “never fail a field compliance test.” The company also gene-tested its variety and, according to the company’s website, the results confirm that the plant does not contain CBD or THC synthase.

The genetic’s high-CBG content also presents an opportunity for Cannabis Orchard’s team to conduct research on the potential health applications of the “grandfather cannabinoid,” including for cancer treatment.

At Cannabis Orchards, we are constantly conducting research in developing innovative varieties intended as therapeutics,” Ghossein said. “Through this partnership we know we can offer something new, not only to cannabis users but potentially to patients in hospital. We are seeking to conduct pre-clinical trials with this variety and others developed through our breeding program and private-public partnerships with Canadian universities.”

Source | Cannabis Orchards