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CANNYX MARKETS, a cloud-based trading platform enabled by fast and secure enterprise blockchain technology, provides a number of differentiating features and capabilities and most importantly, it increases overall competitive advantage for each participant.

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The key products, primarily HEMP based, traded on the exchange as a ‘commodity’:

Key Benefits & Features

Product legitimacy
Buyer and seller
Quick and easy dissemination of market price and other information
Open transparent trading venue
The opportunity to ‘hedge’ against volatile prices
The opportunity to ‘hedge’ against volatile prices
A stimulus for infrastructure development

Plans & Pricing

SME Plan
FREE For registrations until May 31, 2021
  • unlimited transactions
  • 2,5% commission fees
  • Junior market access
  • inventory management
  • transaction prices & history
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Enterprise Plan
FREE For registrations until May 31, 2021
  • unlimited transactions
  • 1,75% commission fees
  • Junior & Main market access
  • inventory management
  • transaction prices & history
  • reporting
  • premium customer support
  • enterprise integration available upon request
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CANNYX MARKETS is international self-regulated commodity exchange. It is a market venue built for spot trading of CBD products including Isolates, Distillates, Oils, Biomass, Terpenes, and Seeds.
CANNYX MARKETS is open to companies operating within CBD industry including farmers, processors, trading companies, seed banks, and CBD product manufacturers. Each company joining CANNYX MARKETS must go through KYC/AML procedures as integral part of registration process.
CANNYX MARKETS is open for companies which operate internationally, however there is a restriction for a number of countries that have not legalized CBD production, trading and consumption. Contact us if you require clarification or support.
CANNYX MARKETS follows standardized KYC/AML procedure as an integral part of becoming a member. Once all required documents are provided, the registration and approval process usually takes less than 24 hours, however in certain circumstances it may take longer.
CANNYX MARKETS promotes the highest level of data privacy rules and follows GDPR, along with other regulations to protect its participants data. CANNYX MARKETS adheres to GDPR principles: lawfulness, fairness, transparency, limit the purpose, minimization of data, accuracy, storage limitation, security and accountability.
CANNYX MARKETS trading platform is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing architecture and services to provide industry standard performance, security and resiliency. The cloud based platform is supported by private blockchain which, through the use of cryptography, establishes auditability of the trades. The private blockchain is based open-source MIT-licensed Graphene technology (by Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
CANNYX MARKETS allows all businesses whether small, mid-sized or large enterprises to benefit from the use of the platform, and has introduced plans for each segment. Up to date information can be found in the Plans & Pricing section.
CANNYX MARKETS has defined commission fees which can be found in the Plans & Pricing section.
After a trade has been made, CANNYX MARKETS will issue trade confirmation report. Subsequently, each confirmed trade is passed onto clearing and settlement department which will provide instructions.
Currently the CANNYX MARKETS platform is available for use and trading on 24 hours basis from Monday 8:00 AM (GMT) to Friday 8:00 PM (GMT), following the standard UK work week. The weekends are reserved for technical maintenance and back office activities, during which time the platform may not be available.
When placing an order, it is possible to narrow down the list of countries or US states that the order will apply to. This mechanism enables a way you can restrict from where you can buy products or where to sell them.
Each trade must be supported by mandatory certifications and documentation including Certificate of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheets, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Non-GMO certification and others. The supporting documents must be from approved and certified 3rd party labs such as Eurofins. Participants own certifications or test results are not accepted.
CANNYX MARKETS has partnered with insurance providers and those interested in obtaining credit insurance or trade financing should contact our representatives.