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17. February 2021
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Sweet Earth Commences Research to Understand CBD Skincare Bioavailability

“Farm-to-shelf” hemp grower Sweet Earth Holdings has begun bioavailability research on CBD isolate and full spectrum isolates designed to understand what can maximize efficacy in skincare and muscle care products.

Sweet Earth Commences Research to Understand CBD Skincare Bioavailability

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Sweet Earth understands that the bioavailability of CBD skin and muscle products is significantly impacted by skin permeation processes associated with nano-particle delivery systems. This new research, which will be undertaken in conjunction with Ontario-based NAVCO Pharmaceutical, aims to understand the key components influencing the bioavailability processes of skin products while also improving the overall efficacy of CBD products as well.

The bioavailability of skincare products is associated on two distinct methods: topical and transdermal. While topical pertains to efficacy of CBD and absorption of creams and muscle rubs on the topmost layer of the skin, transdermal penetration can go as deep as the bloodstream. Sweet Earth aims to develop products that permeate the skin to provide superior efficacy.

Research and development with Navco will leverage the latest in computational sciences with a keen focus on nano-sized particles. R&D will measure bioavailability of skin creams to determine and validate quantitative permeation of drug molecules or solutes across polymeric membranes, skin. Research will determine important relationships between skin, active pharmaceutical ingredients, molecular size, and formulation by measuring the absorption and diffusion of Sweet Earth’s skin and muscle care products. Results will be published and released in a paper, which the Company will also apply to its products.

Specific tests include, but are not limited to:

  1. Invitro permeation study and permeation rate determination
  2. Drug stability under skin condition, and carrier studies
  3. Microbial growth, antibiotic and preservative studies

Sweet Earth has already received numerous accolades for its products and hopes to become a leader in scientific research in the CBD sector.

Chris Cooper, CFO of Sweet Earth, commented, “Already an industry pioneer with our farm-to-shelf concept, we also plan to become a leader in the laboratory as well. We believe that complete vertical integration requires commitment in the greenhouse, as well as and in the laboratory. Understanding the scientific side of efficacy will allow us to continue to lead the sector with new and exciting products.

Marek Jasinski, CEO at Navco Pharmaceuticals, commented, “We are very excited to work with Sweet Earth in researching the key components in CBD isolate and full spectrum isolates that will maximize efficacy in the skincare and muscle care products. Sweet Earth has always been a product leader and this partnership will solidify its position as an innovative scientific leader, which is important as it continues to expand its operations into the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.”

Source | Sweet Earth