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24. January 2022
Europe Medical News

UK trial to Assess Medical Cannabis as Treatment for Long Covid

Australian medical cannabis company Bod Australia has been granted permission to undertake a clinical trial that will assess the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis as a potential treatment on long-covid. The six-month trial will be conducted in the UK in partnership with leading scientific body Drug Science UK. The authorisation from the MHRA gives the go ahead for the trial that will see Bod’s medicinal cannabis product MediCabilis tested on symptoms associated with the long-term impact of long-COVID. The clinical trial will be led by principal investigator, Dr Elizabeth Iverson who will be running the trial in collaboration with Drug Science UK, the UK’s only completely independent, science-led drugs charity. Dr Elizabeth Iverson comments, “We are excited that Clinical Trial Authorisation has been granted so that we can commence this trial into the potential use of medicinal cannabis products to treat long COVID. Given the ongoing and global prevalence of COVID-19 and its long-term effects, it is important to take a scientifically focused approach towards the potential treatment mechanisms associated with the condition.” Continue reading on…